Google Hangouts now offer screen-sharing, a sketchpad, and integration with Google Docs. That means that as you collaborate with others, you can view each other’s desktops, you can view and edit documents together, you can scribble and share notes.

This happened a few days ago, but is still important. I’m hoping Google will put Google+ in a position where you can use it as an App in an educational Google Apps rollout (a la Blogger, GMail, and Google Docs for example). That way you could have a Google+ network just for the students at your school.

Teachers will revolutionize education by devising ways to use technology to amplify and extend the reach of their skills. Technology will not replace teachers — or, at least not soon.

"For those completely new to working with video, Schiefelbein recommends creating a narrated PowerPoint as a good starting point. Once you’re comfortable with that, screen captures are effective for explaining processes that might be difficult to follow in text alone. For example, Schiefelbein likes to use screen capture to show students how to navigate within the learning management system. For complex tasks, where interaction with both the instructor and the content are needed to boost understanding, you might want to try what Schiefelbein calls a “teaching head” video, which is similar to a talking head video but also gives the instructor latitude to use teaching props to help explain a concept."

Effective Uses of Video in the Online Classroom

This info was gleaned from an online webinar, linked to in the article. There are also some helpful guidelines in there.

(via world-shaker)